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  About Expats.com

Expats.com is the first online resource for people living abroad that provides a truly trustworthy network for meeting friends, finding romantic partners, and making business contacts. Expats.com is for all of us... for people living in and from all countries...for people that want to find a little corner of home... away from home.

Expats.com is not a community of strangers. It's a place where you can refer your friends, make new contacts, and meet new people through friends you already have. It's the closest thing to a live network of friends and acquaintances that you can have online... and its run by expats from around the world who have years of experience creating burgeoning online communities of friends. Groups of expats from the UK, America, Spain and Italy have already found each other on Expats.com and are forming their own regular book clubs, movie groups and Saturday night get-togethers..

Expat Life

The expat tradition has a long and venerable history in world culture, going back to ancient times, when Greek merchants had trading posts in Egypt -and caravans passing through the trade routes of Asia imported cargoes of ideas and philosophies along with gold, silk, and spices.

The romance of expat life has as well long been a theme of art and literature. Americans like Whistler, John Singer Sargent, and Henry James added luster to nineteenth-century London---- and Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, and the Lost Generation brought a sense of romance to the Paris of the 1920s. In the 1930s and 40s, British expats in southern California, such as Aldous Huxley and Christopher Isherwood, bestowed their own touch of brilliance upon the Golden Age of Hollywood. More recently, we see the fast-moving world of international expat-celebrities of our own time.

Much has changed in the past few decades. A journey that might have taken days or weeks by train or steamship now lasts only a few hours. Lands that were once remote outposts are now major centers of civilization.

But one thing remains the same: there are a lot of us who find ourselves living in another country for a wide range of reasons-- personal, professional, and everything in between. Today there are more people living abroad than at any other time in history. Many of the world's most fascinating and creative people — artists, scientists, celebrities, business leaders — have found their most congenial homes in a foreign country... why not meet up with them?... It's easy on Expats.com.

Many of us would say that there's nothing that can bring as much excitement and satisfaction as life immersed in another part of the world. And yet there are hardships to living abroad too — and that isn't only true for those who find themselves in teeming Third World capitals or remote outposts. Even the most glamorous and sophisticated parts of the world can offer serious challenges to the expat. One of these is simple homesickness. No matter how accustomed you are to life abroad, you can still find yourself longing for a favorite food or a landscape that reminds you of home.

Other problems are more practical. How do you find a doctor? How do you navigate through the convoluted world of immigration and foreign legal systems? What about getting insurance or a good deal on a car or an apartment? Logistical tasks that seemed effortless back home can often take on a baffling or even hostile aspect when you're abroad.

Some of this, of course, is just a learning curve. But particularly if you're new to expat life, you may feel the need for more experienced hands to help you navigate through the details of everyday life — or you may simply need company or moral support. A lot of people who live abroad soon discover that they're inhabitants of a twilight world — rooted neither in their native country nor their new home. They frequently find that the people who best know and understand how they feel are other expats. That's what Expats.com is all about.

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This is a place where you can meet friends, find a romantic partner, and make business contacts who live and move in the same special world that you're in. You can expand your network of international contacts and learn about the ins and outs of life abroad from those who know it best. Whether you've just moved to a new country or you're an old hand at expat life, Expats.com is your home away from home.

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